Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another cause

Here's another email from an organization I keep up with. It's addressing World AIDS Day. This is a disease that affects too many people of all races, sexes, and ages, and as such we all need to help however we can. ~JEM

Hey Global Citizen Corps Members,

December 1st is right around the corner -- what are your big plans for World AIDS Day?

* Join over 200 Global Citizen Corps leaders by taking action in your school, on your campus or in your community!

* Feel the impact from World Food Day last month and see just how much we can accomplish when we work together!

* Get informed and watch the short e-training about the global pandemic.

* Check out the AIDS resource page and learn more about Mercy Corps field programs.

* Get started with a list of actions you can take to get involved.

* Read through the World AIDS Day Awareness and Action Pack to learn about different tools you can use to mobilize your community.

Make an impact by joining hundreds of students taking action on World AIDS Day!

awareness + Action = impact

Host a Film Screening

Build awareness about the Global AIDS pandemic by hosting a film screening. Check out this great list of films to get you started.

Packet for Action

Check out the Global Citizen Corps Awareness and Acton Pack loaded with things to do on World AIDS day.

Action Experts

Get some ideas from the action experts and learn what Global Citizen Corps Leaders around the United States are doing on World AIDS Day.

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