Friday, November 6, 2009

Women on the Edge of Evolution

Women On The Edge of Evolution Update
Dear Sisters!

We are overjoyed to report that another 5,000 of you have joined our Feminine Power Global Community this week, making us, just 3 weeks into the series, well over 25,000 strong. What a profound statement this is! Evidence of that which so many of us have been intuitively sensing-that we are standing on the brink of something extraordinary that is waking up for millions of women worldwide; that there is a deep need for us to gather together to begin bringing forth our collective creativity and power to co-create a beautiful future for ourselves and for future generations; that now is our time to evolve ourselves and our world to the next level of our collective development--and that we are up to the task that is before us! So, if someone forwarded this email to you inviting you to join us, please go to and register now.

Last week's dialogue Embracing and Evolving the Feminine: Engaging the Gender Paradox with the brilliant Zen teacher, Diane Musho Hamilton provided extraordinary depth and insight as to how we might begin navigating the challenging task of integrating and reconciling the many polarities and contradictions pulling upon us at this point in time. She encouraged us to consciously evolve beyond old and limited ideas of what it is to be a woman so that we might discover our own unique expression of the emergent feminine, pointing to the surplus of dynamic and inspiring modern day role models we currently have-from Beyoncé to Hillary Clinton to Michelle Obama to Madonna, who just completed the most successful tour ever by a solo artist.

If you missed this uplifting, fascinating dialogue with Diane Musho Hamilton exploring and engaging the gender paradox, you can to download it here.

Women on the Edge of Evolution was created to provide a forum to collectively engage the most important questions facing us today as we seek to realize our own personal, as well as our collective, potentials. And few can speak to the evolution of women's consciousness with as much understanding and depth as our next guest in the series, Dr. Elizabeth Debold. Elizabeth is an internationally renowned gender researcher, cultural commentator, senior editor of EnlightenNext magazine, and bestselling author. Elizabeth knows, through her many years of research at Harvard and beyond, that we women are standing on the evolutionary edge of creating a new culture, and she will be mapping out that terrain in this week's dialogue, "The Next Women's Liberation". If you are a woman who wants to leave the past behind and discover a higher creative intelligence and strength, don't miss next week's conversation with Dr. Elizabeth Debold!

Many of you know that we've set an intention to create a global network of 100,000 women standing with and for each other by the end of the series in February. We are well on our way towards achieving this goal and yet we need the support of each and every one of you. If you've not already done so, we ask that you forward this email to at least 4 other women in your community so that we continue to build momentum towards realizing this critical mass, and we thank you in advance for your participation and your partnership.

We also want to encourage you to consider joining the global community of women who are speaking up and out on our Feminine Power Global Community on Facebook or our Gaia community. Thousands of you have already let us know what you are thinking , what you are feeling, and what you are creating in your own lives and in our world, and we want to hear from thousands more! So please sign up and let your voice be heard! We are listening, and so are many others who very much want to hear what you have to say.

To all that we can catalyze and co-create together.

With love, Katherine Woodward Thomas & Claire Zammit

This week's call for the Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries will be on Saturday November 7th at 9:30 a.m. PDT, and will feature our very special guest, Dr. Elizabeth Debold speaking on "The Next Women's Liberation".

We women are truly poised at the edge, standing on the transformative brink of creating a new culture. There's a restlessness in us, a hunger, an intense longing... and it's not about getting a better job or buying a bigger house or revitalizing our love life.

This desire is much bigger than any of the usual concerns that we women have had. It's a desire for a greater purpose, a deeper engagement with LIFE-to be a soaring vehicle for Eros, the force of creation itself. This is the Next Women's Liberation-a true sisterhood of the spirit among women awakened to Eros, engaged in the thrilling adventure of creating a future in true partnership with men that we haven't yet imagined.

Dr. Elizabeth Debold is an internationally renowned gender researcher, cultural commentator, senior editor at EnlightenNext magazine and bestselling author of Mother Daughter Revolution: From Good Girls to Great Women. Elizabeth received her doctorate in human development and psychology from Harvard University, where she was a founding member of the Harvard Project on Women's Psychology and Girls' Development, directed by Dr. Carol Gilligan. She has taught at the New School for Social Research, Harvard University, and the Graduate Institute, where she was the academic director of the Master of Arts program in Conscious Evolution. She is currently under contract for a new book, tentatively titled The Evolution of Love: Men, Women, and the Possibility of Transformation, to be published by Pantheon.

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1 comment:

laura said...

Evolutionary Women: Remember Your Place in His-tory!

I have enjoyed your wonderful series entitled Women on the Edge of Evolution, and I have encouraged my friends to listen to the podcasts – all focused on how and why women are at the cutting edge of the evolutionary shift toward a more compassionate and enlightened society.

I was surprised, however, to hear Jean Houston, Ph.D. explain that is was the Industrial Revolution which was the primary historical factor contributing to the subjugation of women. She opined that it was the removal of men from family farms in the 1800s and the division of labor (outside vs. inside the home) which prompted patriarchal cultures. Then, almost as an afterthought, Dr. Houston added that the churches also contributed to the demise of the Sacred Feminine and systemic female oppression.

The Industrial Revolution … say what?

As one of the women who has dedicated her life to assisting the long-awaited and prophesied evolutionary shift into the New Millenium – what The Oracle Institute calls the Fifth Spiritual Paradigm ( – I feel it is not only a mistake but also quite dangerous to gloss over what certainly was and remains the greatest factor causing worldwide female subjugation – the five man-made religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Quite frankly, until these ancient belief systems are either update or relegated to the history books themselves, we stand little chance of experiencing the shift so lovingly anticipated by all spiritual evolutionaries.

With the Eastern religions, we encounter misogynistic dogma at the inception, since in classic Hinduism a woman may not even begin to approach enlightenment until she reincarnates into a male body. And Buddhism, for all its New Age repackaging in the U.S., also perpetuates the spiritual inferiority of women. Indeed, despite his theoretical support for female ordination, the Dalai Lama has yet to ordain a woman.

For American women and our sisters in South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, the three religions of Abraham continue to shape our cultural reality. Make no mistake, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim women all suffer from spiritual abuse at the hands of orthodox male clergy and the male personification of God. Let us not forget that in Judeo-Christian-Islamic his-tory, it was Eve who was disobedient, responsible for the “fall of mankind” and, therefore, deserving of perpetual punishment. (Note: the Quran does not recite this myth, but it is referenced and reinforced in the Hadith – doctrine based on the words and deeds of Muhammad.)

In short, the Industrial Revolution pales in comparison to the damage done to us by “trickle-down-deity” (i.e., the adverse effects of male-centric theology). Moreover, to ignore this fact is to condemn our daughters to further spiritual stagnation – if not outright death, as in the case of our beleaguered and war-torn Muslim sisters. Lastly, for those progressive Christian and even New Age women who believe they no longer are impacted by patriarchal pulpit propaganda, I would add this warning from one of the great second wave feminists:

“Many women do not recognize themselves as discriminated against; no better proof could be found of the totality of their conditioning.” – Kate Millet

Laura George, Founder
The Oracle Institute