Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HerStory Discussion Forum: Twilight

In the spirit of Halloween, and the spirit of pure fun, I'd like to create a discussion about the Twilight franchise under feminist scrutiny. As someone who has only indulged in viewing the film, I can personally only remark on the plot as it has been presented to me. I know that this topic is not only popular, but also very fun to debate with friends, and we're all friends here ;).

So under my lens, I am seeing a male (Mr. Cullen) who is over a century old, who is infatuated/in love with the teenaged female (Miss Swan). The character of Bella seems to be an awkward, shy and unsure character who latches onto Edward, frequently commenting on his physical appearance. Are they making objects out of each other?

What do you guys think about Twilight and Feminism?



J.E.M. said...


I'm so glad you brought this up.

When I first heard about Twilight (through Cynthia, my first Rider roommate), I was really intrigued. I thought it was great this author found a way to make mythology so accessible and interesting to our nation's youth.

But after hearing a bit more about it and seeing the movie, I've developed an intense dislike toward this series. I still appreciate the mythology and the fact that it's getting kids to read, but I can't stand the main character. Bella is pathetic, I mean really. She's immature, weak, not very smart, and co-dependent on the men in her life. What kind of role model is that for young women today?

I could talk forever about Twilight, but I'd like to hear what other people have to say about it.

Thanks again for bringing up such a relevant, interesting topic!


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I've read three books in the series and find that it's ridiculous. The second book is focused on Edward leaving and Bella in a semi-comatose state because she feels that she is nothing without him. I agree that it doesn't leave young girls or any female with a strong role model.
It's more obsession than love and Edward seems to be the only thing to matter in her life.
Twilight is what feminism tries to break down. Women portrayed as defenseless, weak, and dependent.
I can't bring myself to read the fourth one because the books are just bad. I also don't think any vampires should sparkle.

Jackie S.

Anonymous said...

Twilight is the realization of the average adolescent girl's masturbatory dreams. Although I understand and (theoretically) agree with what you're saying (bad writing, weak, whiny, codependent female protag, etc) it's fun and titillating to revisit the spank-bank of my youth. YAHOO

J.E.M. said...


That's hilarious.

But how can you say it's masturbatory when it's written by a Mormon? I was under the impression that Mormon women aren't allowed to have pleasure, especially not self-induced.