Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Steph

It is important to recgonize the people in our lives who have brought us to the place we are now, either through loving action and words, or difficult ones. My aunt is one that has always strengthened me in all times with the most gentle and inspiring words and actions. For example, she taught me years ago to "capture the energy" of a beautiful landscape infront of me. The first time we did this was on a crowded Jersey beach. I watched her hands reach up to the sky past the ocean and then to her face where she breathed in the perfect energy. I now do this which creates a sense of peace, oneness, and awe of the places I come across. I have taught this to my dear friend Julie Morcate who loves to practice it as well. Another nugget of love my Aunt has offered me was the chance to become Reiki certified with her. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Her deep heart and mind helped me learn and experience the moment to the fullest and I came away from the workshops with greater understanding of my soul and the soul of others.

We also always have "heart to hearts" when we visit where she listens with her ears and her heart to everything I say. Most of us wait for a person to stop speaking so we can say our thoughts/ideas. My aunt always listens fully and sits quietly after I speak in order to let it sink in. She never ceases to move me with her kindness.

Her accomplishments are limitless as she is working on a PhD, while running a large company. She keeps her house beautifully, as beautifully as she treats her body as she has always taught me "you can't love anyone unless you love yourself first."

Not only is she an incredible example of how to work hard, and stay healthy, but she has a wonderful sense of humor. Her laugh, like my mother's laugh, is one you wish to paint your walls with, or wear as a coat, as there is nothing quite like it.

My aunt recently had a birthday. I can never figure out the proper thing to give her, as I don't believe I have enough money to buy her what she deserves. Yet she has ALWAYS ALWAYS bought me a multitude of gifts for all reasons without asking for a thing in return. I believe she is one of the few people I know who can give purely without a motive. Below is a poem I wrote about her, though it doesn't do her beauty justice. Happy Birthday my wondrous Aunt! May you experience all the joy you deserve.

Beautiful aunt
With sunlight in the pit of your belly
That shines in your every move
When you tell a story with emphatic
Energy up around the room
Capturing your audience
Beautiful aunt
With wisdom in the heart of your eyes
That speaks through your every thought
Always looking for some way to bless
Every single soul that crosses your path
Do you ever tire of the constant heart
Of wishing those well when they hurt you
Of loving those who don’t deserve you?
Beautiful aunt
With a mind of gold
You never stop learning or growing
Showing me the truth in the world
Around me
I love you always as you have taught me
How to love myself.

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