Saturday, March 14, 2009

Why haven't we heard of this yet?


This is an incredible organization I just stumbled upon - now that I have some time to be human over Spring Break. It was co-founded by one of my idols, Simone de Beauvoir - also known as Jean-Paul Sartre's longtime girlfriend.


"Worldwide concerns can no longer be addressed effectively without acknowledging the centrality of half of humanity to solving them, and without redefining what gets funded, and to what degree. The global Women’s Movement persists in its growth through desperate need and determination, but with support too small to permit the institutional development that is essential to truly invest in women.

The Sisterhood is Global Institute, an international nonprofit NGO with Consultative Status to the United Nations, is creating a dynamic fundraising engine through which the interests, advice, contacts, and support of individuals, foundations, and corporations can be collectively mobilized for greater and more cost-effective impact in building the global Women’s Movement, ensuring:

  • Sustained infrastructural support enabling organizations to focus on program priorities
  • Long-term strategic planning based on indigenous needs (rather than shifting donor-driven interests)
  • Grassroots empowerment resulting in a greater integration of local activism and global advocacy

Founded in 1984 by Robin Morgan (USA), the late Simone de Beauvoir (France), and women from 80 other countries, The Institute has played a leading policy-formulator, strategist, and activist role in the evolution of the international Women’s Movement for almost 25 years. "

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