Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Down with anti-depressants up with Animal Collective

Recently I was properly introduced to Animal Collective. I had become acquainted before, but like with any new friend, I was cautious and skeptical. At first meet I thought Animal Collective was too mechanical. After the request to properly listen to Animal Collective by our managerial editor, Julie Morcate, I have officially fallen in deep dotting love. Animal Collective's music has the ability to relieve stress and pain. Similar to Zoloft without the numbing side effects. I order a dose of Animal Collective a day to keep the blues away, or at least to have something to dance in your underwear to.

Animal Collective lyrics:

Download album:
Ask an editor. It's technically not out yet...filthy pirates!

Movie depicting the negative aspects of medications:
Garden State

Have a happy happy new year,

HerStory Editor in Chief

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