Thursday, November 20, 2008

A sweet potatoe

I like this singer. He's quite of a contrast to normal rap/pop music. ("I'm bringing sexay back, yeah," etc.) His quality of music is comparable with Sufjan Stevens and Iron and Wine because he can depict love and relationships as constant and inspirational. Plus he's adorable.... Oh be still my non-womanizing awkward boy loving heart!

Jacob Borshard's, "Grass Stains"

Here comes the moon saying `Hi`,
Let`s tip this bottle till it`s dry,
And if we end up, rolling on the floor,
Score one for being us,
Score zero for being bored.

I found this bike for you to ride,
And we can roll soon as the spray paint`s dry,
We can start living soon as you come outside,
I`ve got a kiss here with your name on it.

And I`ve been thinking all day about this dream I had,
Where I never lost you,
But the only mermaid that`s flesh and blood is a bad tattoo,
The stars are out and the moon is new,
How long do I have to stand here praying?

I know that you`re in there,
I know you can hear me,
I want you to crawl out, of that window,
And get your body near me,
I know you were sleeping,
I know you`ve got school tomorrow,
Well if you`ve got nothing to put on,
I`ve got a birthday suit that you can borrow,

And the bonfire, it`s gonna burn, burn, burn,
And the bonfire, it`s gonna burn, burn, burn,
There goes your math book,
There goes your bra,
There go your heartaches,
Let`s burn them all.

Grass stains,
Will be the proof of tonight,
So beautiful,
Will be the rest of our lives,
If you want it,
So say you want it.

Your HerStory Editor In Chief,

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